I had a rough night Tuesday with the bone pain and a slight temperature. Yesterday morning I didn't feel too bad after my shower so decided I could make my own way to the day unit for my usual blood tests.

Whilst in the shower I discovered a sore little lump in my right armpit and this coupled with a couple of nasty spots on my leg made me think I'd got some kind of skin infection that would need some antibiotics to clear up.

The drive to the day unit was fine but as I was walking from the car park up to the unit I began to feel to really rough. I was tired and the bone pain was playing up and I also developed a nasty tension headache over the left side of my head and down my neck.

I got some antibiotics from the doctor after he examined my lumps and bumps and he confirmed I'd need a blood transfusion this morning and to be at the unit for 09:00

I made my way back ok and called in at Mom and Dad's but felt worse there and ended sleeping for a couple of hours and then had to get my Dad to give me a lift a home as I didn't feel up to even the short 5 minute drive.

Last night was pretty rough, the bone pain has subsided but this colossal tension headache that runs down my neck woke me up about 02:00 and for a couple of hours I couldn't find any comfortable place to lie. I took a couple of co-codamol and eventually got off to sleep.

This morning the headache is still there but so far no bone pain. I'm still very fatigued and get out of breath easily. Suffice it say I didn't log on to work yesterday and probably won't be until Monday.

It's been a rough couple of days but it has fitted in with the pattern of days 16 - 20 after the start of a chemo session being the worst, so hopefully it won't last too much longer.

Dad's on his way over to take me to the day unit for my three units of red cells, not sure if I will have some platelets as well.


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