Uphill Struggle (Not)

I was dead to the world when my alarm went off at 07:00 but I haven't felt particularly tired and managed to cope with a busy day logged on to work.

At lunch time I went a walk to the post office which is about half a mile away and uphill all the way. I didn't feel too bad at all. I was a bit out of breath but not much more than I would have been before treatment started so I reckon my haemoglobin must be back up to a reasonable level.

It usually recovers to about 11 ( the normal range being 13 - 18 ). Before I started treatment it was 14 and as I have mentioned before, this lower than normal level is still ok as I have no underlying respiratory conditions.

A while back a doctor in the hospital told me that Yul Brynner did all that dancing about in the "King and I" with only one lung. However although I knew he died of lung cancer in 1985 I can't find any evidence ( on google of course ) that he had any lung problems before the 1980s. Maybe she knew something different.

Anyway I seem to be doing ok on whatever lung and haemoglobin capacity I have.


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