T + 112 Thar She Blows! (PG)

Well after dinner last night I got really quite bad stomach ache with a lot of trapped wind and acid indigestion. Some Remagel tablets sorted the acid but the trapped wind was a real problem and gave me a disturbed night sitting up in bed at times with a hot water bottle on my belly. I was feeling quite sorry for myself at times.

The problem was confounded by having to be careful about releasing said wind when the opportunity arose because, due to the problems the day before, I couldn't be sure I wouldn't get more  than I bargained for, so to speak. So I was up and down to the loo a few times in the night as well though I didn't actually have any more diarrhoea.

I still managed to get up at 07:00 and did a full day's work including some actual productive stuff with support calls.

I've taken it very easy with the food today, just four cornish wafer water biscuit things so far and plenty of water. My stomach has settled down a lot and I'm hoping to manage a little soup for my dinner.

I think yesterday was the aftermath of the immodium from the day before causing me the opposite problem to the diarrhoea and slowing my digestive transit too much.

I'm at the transplant clinic in the morning so I will mention all this to the doctor and see where we go from there.

Here's hoping for a calm night without any force 9 gales.


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