Ambler Gambler

You wait ages for a blog post and then two come along at once.

I had my bloods done this morning and the nurse said if I rang after 16:00 the result should probably be back. I duly rang and the results were back but I knew the staff were busy because of shortages so only had chance to get the basic figure I wanted.

That result was a bit of a disappointment to be honest. My white cell count was 3.8 and the normal range is 4 -11. Before treatment my reading was 5.4

It's just a bit on the low side so I'm not totally confident about going back to work this week. However I didn't get my neutrophil count which is the important one for baceterial infection from which I am most at risk.

I'm going to ring the day unit tomorrow, speak to a doctor and ask to have all my results reviewed and see if it is ok to go back to work.

I guess I shouldn't have built my hopes up to being able to return to work , go to the cinema , eat salad again etc this week. The thing is I feel perfectly fine but it's not something you can tellby how you feel.

Still the doc might say it's ok or maybe it will be fine by next week.

Quick update I just checked the range for Lymphocytes ( a type of white cell like neutrophils ) is 1.3 - 4 so I suppose it's possible if I was imprecise with my question about white cells I got a result that is ok. (Clutching at straws? Well maybe just a bit).


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