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T + 337 Wot No Flu? (PG)

Rated PG for discussion of vomit and pictures of rash.
After being discharged by the doc at about 11:00 last Monday due to waiting for tablets I didn't get to leave the ward until about 18:00. My ever present Taxi driver, Dad, came up during normal visiting at 14:00 and stayed with me whilst we waited.It was a bit odd that, like the nurses who came into my room, he had to wear an apron and a mask:-
even though we were going to be driving home together once I had my meds. I guess the idea was just to stop it spreading on the ward I was on.
When I got back to the flat it looked liked I was not the only resident of College Road who wanted to take precautions (thanks Gareth ;o) :-

That evening I took my first dose of Tamiflu along with a ham sandwich. The leaflets warn that nausea and vomiting are common side effects of Tamiflu but usually only with the first dose and that effect is reduced if the tablets are taken with food. However all was well and I thought I was going to be ok.
The fol…

T+329 Back in hospital

Yes a live blog posting from the QE hospital. It all started on Saturday when I woke feeling rough with absolutely no energy. then my anti-fungal medicine made me heave though I wasn't actually sick.

My temperature was a bit up at 37.6 more than my usual 36.5 but below the danger level of 38. Unfortunately I had to logon to work to help with the go live of a new server and my colleague (and now boss) was on holiday so there was noone to cover for me. I struggled through the changes needed in between spells in bed.

Sunday I felt a little better and my temperature was down to 37.3 but I still had no energy at all. Monday I started out feeling even better but after bringing the sainsbury's delivery upstairs and putting it away I felt worse again and had to go back to bed. I had asked mom and dad to pop over in the afternoon and when I got up to see them I had another bout of dry heaving with a tiny spec of blood in it (most likely from the straining + not fetching anything up) . I …

T + 323 I Forgot to Remember Not To Take my Tablet

This morning I went to the transplant clinic for the first time in six months and it was, just marginally, a bit more unusual than a regular visit.
I had my bloods taken and then realised this morning I had already taken my ciclosporin which I am not supposed to do when I have bloods done as one is to measure the "ambient" level in my blood and this would be distorted by the morning dose. I was obviously out of practice going to the clinic.
Then through a convoluted sequence of thought processes which I won't go into here, I convinced myself I hadn't actually taken my ciclosporin and took my second dose that I would normally take at tea time. Oops.
I then went in to see the doc. She checked the skin on my chest and neck and said there was little or no evidence of Graft Versus Host Disease so we are going to reduce my steroids from 5mg per day to 5mg one day and none the next. Getting ever closer to coming off them.
My other blood results were the second unusual thing. M…