Mixed Blessings

I woke up today and not long after moving about I started to feel the bone pain I get when the GCSF starts going on my bone marrow. It's not too bad so far and paracetamol is dealing with it at the moment. This is a bit of a mixed blessing as it means my bone marrow and stem cells are being stimulated to make more blood cells so my counts should start to rise as a result.

I doubt whether my haemoglobin will rise quickly enough so I'm still working on the assumption it will be a blood transfusion on Thursday.

I chased up my key worker this morning about my CT scan and she has got a date for me of Thursday 24th July ( next week ). This isn't too bad though might be too close to Tuesday 29th July when I have my clinic appointment to review the results so I expect I'll have to move that appointment to the following Tuesday, the 36th of July ( you do the math ).

I'm really pleased to have the scan sorted as the results of that will determine what happens for the next couple of months.


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