T + 295 Irrational Pleasures

Well I finally got the automated system at City Hospital to understand me when I encountered it again today. When it says "Did you mean Eye Centre or Eye Department at City?" you have to say "Eye Centre" again not say "Yes". Not really intuitive particularly given the way the inflection is on the sentence.

After that, when I got through, my referral from Vision Express is still not on the system despite supposedly having been posted two weeks ago and faxed 3 days ago. The woman at the eye centre said give until Friday and if not on the system by then get Vision Express to fax it again and she will walk it through the system.

Meanwhile a non-medical item.

Irrational Pleasures

There are some things in life that give you far more pleasure than they really ought. Disproportionate to the significance of the item or act. I refer to these as irrational pleasures.

As you will see below I have currently deprived myself of one my specific irrational pleasures and that got me thinking to what irrational pleasures there are that are common to people and what are specific to me.

So here are a few, first the common ones:-

  • Popping bubble wrap
  • Poking the spoon through the seal on a jar of coffee
  • Getting into a freshly changed bed for the first time
  • The other side of the pillow

Here are some that are prolly specific to me:-

  • Popping freshly cooked broad beans out of their jackets
  • Sealing a zip lock bag
  • Shredding paperwork
  • Using my "S" bookmark

The last one I should probably explain. A couple of years ago a couple of friends, as a little "stocking filler" for my birthday ( to mix my metaphors ), bought me a pressed metal book mark in the shape of an "S". I've never used a bookmark before as I never found one I liked and I tended to remember the page I was on anyway ( I have that sort of memory for numbers ). However for some reason using this S bookmark and clipping it on the the page and at the paragraph I was on was really enjoyable. I love that little bookmark.

Now I am reading books on my Sony Reader I have deprived myself of that pleasure. Though I will still be reading normal printed books in the future.

On the subject of the Sony Reader it is really good and so like a printed book that last night in bed I found myself reaching to turn the page on the top right edge rather than pressing the next page button.


Andy H said…
I still remember the smell of the new Marshall Ward or Empire Stores catalogues as a kid, something which I can sometimes recapture by sniffing the new Argos Extra catalogues. Not sure what the chemical is, something to stop the pages sticking together?

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