And now the gallery..... they used to say on Vision On. Yesterday the hospital art
manager and an artist assistant ( who is also a radiographer ) same
round the ward inviting us to join their latest project.

This consisted of having your silhouette drawn on a circular canvas (
yes they could find a canvas big enough) then you have a kit of glue,
scissors, coloured papers, material, beads etc to make a collage of
whatever you want.

As the tennis was rained off most of the afternoon I made a start on
mine and passed a happy couple of hours regressing to my childhood
even down to getting the white pva glue on my shirt. ( We used to call
this glue Marvin when I was at school for some reason).

When my masterpiece is finished I shall upload a photo of it to the blog.

In news of a medical nature my methotrexate chemo didn't arrive on the
ward until about 20:00 but that worked out ok really as it means the
first bag that runs for two hours was changed at 22:00 and the second
bag runs for 22 hours ( not 12 as I thought ) so won't need changing
until 20:00 tonight. So quite civilised times.

The 4 hour bag change times for my other drug sodabic were less
civilised with changes at 01:00 and 05:00 so with that and getting up
to pee three times the night was a bit disturbed. However obs were a
bit late, being done at 06:30 rather than 06:00, so I got a bit more
sleep after the last bag change. I think a nap will be on the cards
this afternoon.



Andy H said…
You've a better memory than me (though you knew that) - Marvin Medium was the trade name of the glue by Berol - and you can still buy it!
I thought it was called 'marvel' - wasn't that the dried milk product that was around before coffee mate?

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