Blood and bicarb before breakfast

My Retuximab finished about 21:00 so I had a night untethered from
Ivy. That didn't last however as by 06:30 I was hooked up to a unit of
blood and a litre of sodabic.

I'm due two units of blood today so that will make 7 units over three
transfusions which I think is almost a whole personful. So if you
haven't got round to thinking about seeing if you are eligible to give
blood can I nudge you towards Nagging over. ( Or
as some geeks would put it </nag> )

The litre of sodabic is basically sodium bicarb to increase the
alkilinity of my blood and body fluids to reduce the effects my next
chemo drug, methotrexate, has on my kidneys. I'll be on a litre of
sodabic every 4 hours for the next few days so that will mean being
woken in the night by Ivy's alarm and the nurses changing the bag
around 02:30.

The trick will be to try and get it timed with changing my
methotrexate so I only get woken once but it doesn't always pan out
that way.



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