Spoke too soon

I had a call from one of registrars at the hospital this afternoon. This morning's blood results show a second and more major dip in my blood counts since the start of the week:- ( normal ranges shown in brackets).

My neutrophil count is 0.1 (2 - 7.5), my haemoglobin is 9 ( 13 - 18 ) and my platelet count is 75 ( 150 -440 ).

Of these the neutrophil count is probably the most significant as it makes me prone to bacterial infections, but it has been as low as zero after previous rounds of chemo and I've managed ok. All this means that for the time being it is the usual routine of blood tests Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I guess I was right to be over cautious in my last post.

It's funny the affect knowing my blood counts has. Earlier today I was feeling pretty chipper and whilst I'm ok now I just have this slightly uneasy or overly cautious feeling now I know my counts are pretty low. Still this is hopefully the bottoming out of the counts and they will start to rise next week. I will try to have as normal weekend as possible but shopping will be out, even when the shops are quiet and I'll get Gareth to clean the kitchen floor instead of doing it myself. ( See every cloud has a silver lining :o).


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