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T + 877 Gee-Pee Bee-Pee

When I went to the transplant clinic a few weeks ago I asked the consultant about coming off the amlodipine blood pressure tablets as I had only been put on them because the ciclosporin caused my BP to rise.
I've been off ciclosporin since before Christmas so the consultant said to co-ordinate with my GP to come off the BP tablets. This I have duly done and after a couple of BP checks at the surgery, plus my own daily checks at home for as while, it looks like although my baseline BP has risen a little since coming off amlodipine, I shouldn't need to go back on the tablets.
This means I am now down to my lowest number of different medications and probably the ones I will be on for life:-
Penicillin to help with bacterial infections as bone marrow transplant patients often have under-active spleens. (1 x 250mg twice a day )Thyroxine to help with my under-active thyroid gland. (1 x 150mcg once a day )Hydrocortisone to help with my under-active adrenal glands. (20mg Morning, 10mg ev…