Surprise escape

Well the doctor came round to see me on Saturday afternoon and rather surprised me by saying I could go home that day subject to a quick check on a couple of blood tests. My Methotrexate level had already dropped sufficiently so that I could stop the 6 litres of sodabic fluids.

The other blood tests were fine so when Andy came to visit me in th evening we created a diversion and I escaped in the ensuing confusion. I have to say I was still tired and had started to feel a bit nauseous, but I figured I could be be tired and sick at home just as easily as I could in hospital.

The ondansetron tablets helped with the sickness and when I got home on Saturday evening I slept pretty much 12 hours straight. I took it nice and easy yesterday and kept up the ondansetron just as a prophylactic. My stomach has settled down and I am not nearly as tired.

So that was round four of chemo. Not too bad overall so far. Now it's the usual blood tests Monday, Wednesday and Friday and see how this final bout affects me. There has definitely been a cumulative affect across the rounds of chemo so far so I'm bracing myself for what this final round might bring. Particularly during the 16 - 20 day post chemo period which seems to have always been the worst.

I'm going to take it easy for a couple of days to help my energy levels and probably start logging back on to work on Wednesday.


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