T + 125 Sore Point

I managed to cut the tip of the index finger of my left hand with the bread knife yesterday. After my initial exclamation of "Ooh I say, that stings a bit!" My next thought was "possible source of infection!" something I wouldn't have given much thought to 18 months ago.

It wasn't a very deep cut but it was right on the fleshy tip so bled a fair bit and was in a place that would open up again easily. When your immune system is low your first line of defence is the physical barrier of  your skin. So I was a brave little soldier and rinsed it with a some alcohol gel, more "Ooh I say", and then stuck a plaster on it.

I tried taking the plaster off this morning but that was a bit premature and it was back on by lunchtime as the cut had opened opened up  again, probably due to using a keyboard all morning. The current status is I've taken the plaster off and the wound is holding up ok.

Now the foregoing might seem more information that you could possibly be interested in about one little cut but I guess it just goes to show the all pervading influence in my thought processes during my recovery from an immuno-suppressed state.


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