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T + 544 I'm so Dizzy....

Image head is spinning. However unlike the song lyric it's not a girl making it spin but prolly some sort of sinus infection.
I started working from home on Friday feeling a bit rough but that is not unusual first thing and I put it down the the lack of adrenalin and thyroxine before I have had my morning tablets. As the morning wore on however I started to feel worse and worse, a dizzy sickly headache and lack of energy and by just before lunchtime I had had to retire to my bed. I slept for about three hours and felt a little better afterwards but spent the rest of the day either in bed or on the sofa.
Saturday was a little better initially but then in the mid morning whilst doing some washing I had a real giddy turn. Maybe it was the bending down picking up washing from the basket and putting it in the machine. I retreated to bed and spent a large portion of the day again either in bed or prostrate on the sofa.
Today, Sunday, I am pleased to say I am feeling quite a bit better, …

T + 532 The Kiss of the Sun

The second day of my holiday today and I have been out in the garden. To be honest the purpose of this post is just to act a journal for the garden so I'll know what I did when and compare the results with next with next year.
So today the weather was about 7 deg C and sunny.
I did the following:
Dug middle bed and improved with 3in of organic compostPlanted 21 onion sets 4in apart in three rows 8in apart, covered with bird netting stapled in place.Dug small bed and improved with 3in of organic compost.Heeled in 5 raspberry canes to be planted properly in a week to 10 days when small bed has settled.Checked on potatoes chitting in lounge window since Saturday
Yes who knew an essential garden implement was a stapler.