I went to the clinic today where I would normally see my consultant but, as she is on maternity leave until January, I saw one of the senior registrars.

It was basically a routine chat to check on progress. The only significant change is to bring forward the date of my CT scan to as soon as possible. The reason for this is that if for some reason I have not had a full response to the chemo I have had so far, there is just time to fit in a another full cycle of chemo ( parts A and B ) before my scheduled stem cell transplant on September the 8th.

It's slightly galling that I did have a CT scan booked for the 9th July which the doctors decided to cancel last week as they thought it would be too soon after the last round of chemo. Still it's not too much of an issue to get another one arranged and hopefully this will be in the next 10 days or so.

It does make a lot of sense to have an opportunity to get in another cycle of chemo (if it is required) without having to re-arrange the stem cell transplant with my donor. Hopefully I'll have a "complete response" to the treatment and won't need that extra cycle, that's usually the situation for about 83% of cases.

If needs be and the timing of everything is such that I need another cycle and we can't fit it in before September the 8th then the transplant can be postponed a few weeks again. I don't mind having wait apart from I just have that little niggle about my donor being involved in a freak hang-gliding accident and having to find another one from the register.

Assuming the scan shows good results then I will be treatment free until September and the doc approved my plan to return to the office for a couple of weeks in August before going back to working from home to keep out of the way of any lurgies lurking there.

I gave myself an injection of the slow release GCSF (Neulasta) today to help my white cells recover once this round of chemo takes hold. Checking the blog it took about four days before I felt the first twinges of bone pain from the last Neulasta injection. So just in time for the weekend, then.

Tomorrow is day unit for bloods and then working from home.


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