Transfusion Tango

I've been feeling physically tired again today, perhaps less so than yesterday, hard to tell though I have managed to do some ironing this evening just for 40 minutes or so.

I went to the day unit for bloods and then spent the rest of the day online working from home. At almost bang on 17:00 my mobile rang and showed "Number Unavailable", this usually means it is the hospital and indeed it was one of the nurses from the day unit.

She asked me how I was, to which I replied "I was doing ok", and then she said "I've got your latest blood tests here" and I couldn't resist saying "Ah you're going to tell me I'm not doing ok."

As I had suspected my haemogblin has fallen further from Friday down to 8.2 ( the cut off for a transfusion is usually 8.5 ) and my platelets are also still low ( didn't get the figure this time ).

Since I'm managing the symptoms of the low haemoglobin ok and the low platelets haven't caused an issues the plan is for me to go to the day unit on Wednesday as normal butwhilst there as well as having the normal bloods they will also cross-match me for three units of blood and some platelets which they can get on standby for the following day.

Then depending on what the normal full blood count shows I will have the transfusions as required on Thursday at the day unit.

I expect I will need the 3 units of blood but hopefully my platelets will recover on their own as they have done so in the past as I've never had to have platelets.

My white cells are also still wiped out, neutrophils in particular but there's nothing I can take for that apart from perhaps some more GCSF.


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