No hair of the dog that bit me

Posted by raetsel at Friday, July 04, 2008

I finished my Methotrexate last night and started on the cytarabine
about 22:00. This is the drug that made me really sick last time ( See
entry Ruff Night back on 4th May ).

This time I'd pre-warned the docs so I was kept on the ondansatron
anti-sickness tablet and had an injection of it on standby just in
case. So far so good however, no sickness.

As is now the norm with getting 6 litres of fluids through Ivy I'm
carrying extra fluid. Yesterday I had an oral fruzamide diueritic and
that helped shift some of it but I expect I'll need an injection of it
today to shift the rest. The injection is effective but it does mean
you are peeing every 15 mins for two or three hours.

Bag changes, alerts for air in the line from Ivy and up 4 times to pee
meant it was another disturbed night. But I snatched the odd hour
doze in between.