Lit up like a Christmas Tree

Doing a full day's work from home today and it's going well.

I heard the postie deliver the mail a while ago and there was a louder than usual thump on the mat. There was a small package from Selly Oak hospital which I realised would be the details of a CT scan appointment and a bottle of the oral contrast you have to drink 24 hours before the scan.

At first I was impressed that they had got me a scan date and sent the details out so quickly, however upon opening the package and seeing the date of the 14th August I realised this is the re-arranged scan from last week, not the newly re-arranged scan from Tuesday at the clinic.

I now have three little bottles of this oral contrast and when my proper scan date comes through that will be a fourth bottle. If I drank them all I wonder if they would need the CT machine at all, they could just turn the lights down and look at me lit up like a Christmas Tree.

I'll chase up the scan date tomorrow when I am at the day unit for bloods.


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