Look into my eyes.......my eyes.... (PG)

............not around the eyes. ( See Kenny Craig off Little Britain for the cultural reference )

Rated P(ossibly) G(ruesome) for some slight freaky pictures of me.

My eyebrows have been thinning and thinning for a while now to the point where there are only about 10 hairs over each eye remaining, but I only noticed the other day that my eye lashes have fallen out as well. That is a fairly recent occurrence and it gives me a rather odd look as you can see from the two pics below. (Click to embiggen if you are feeling brave)

Eyes wide open

Eyes wide shut
I don't know if it is co-incidence but my dry eye problem in the mornings where it's hard/painful to open my eyes upon waking has come back recently. I must start using my lacrilube artificial tears.

Now for a competition ( don't phone in , it's just for fun ).

What colour would you say my eyes are?

In other news I had a very busy day at work today and I realised that due to regular day unit visits etc. this is the first time I have worked two full days in a row since the beginning of April.


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