The Office

Well it was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed when the alarm went off at 06:00 but after a reviving shower I was ready for my first day in the office for nearly four months.

I didn't quite need sat nav to get to Ashby de la Zouch but I had forgotten quite how far it was ( about 30 miles ). I swiped my card in at the Time and Attendance terminal and was pleased to see it let me clock in rather than display the message "Simon who?"

It did feel a little strange to be back in the office. Though my desk has been used by various visitors in my absence it still had a bit of the Marie Celeste look about it not least because my cartoon a day Dilbert desk calendar was still at March 27th, the last time I was in the office. I had fun reading all the cartoons and catching up.

The main thing about being in the office was seeing people I hadn't seen for four months and it was great to have a chat with them all and catch up.

As far as actual work was concerned to be honest it wasn't much different from a normal day working from home (WFH) apart from the fact I could look up and ask questions of people rather than contacting them via instant messaging which has been my main mode of communication whilst I have been WFH.

I felt a little tired towards the end of the day and a I am certainly feeling it now but I think this is due in part to having been up earlier than usual. An early night tonight I think.


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