Human Pin Cushion

Today I went back to the hospital for a GFR kidney function test and a dose of chemo (vincristine).

It has been a day of toing and froing. I had an appointment at the department of Nuclear Medicine for 10:15 where they inject me with a radioactive isotope and then monitor its levels in my blood over the next few hours. The kidneys should filter the isotope out so by measuring what was left in my blood each time they can assess how well the kidneys are doing.

I didn't get that injection until 11:00 and had to be back at 13:00 for my first blood sample. I then went up to the Haematology Day Unit to have my Chemo. They were really busy so it didn't happen in time before I had to go back for the first blood sample for the GFR. After this Dad and I went and had some lunch and then went back for my 14:00 GFR blood sample.

Once the 14:00 sample was taken I went back to the day unit and had my chemo through my central line. The vincristine is only in 100ml of saline so doesn't take long to go through. It was then back to Nuclear Medicine for my final blood sample at 15:00

Unfortunately the blood samples could not be taken from my central line so I had to have them the old fashioned way with a needle in the arm. They also have to draw a full 10ml each time ( one syringe full ) which is more than a normal blood sample. All this meant they had to have a couple of goes in my left arm each time to get it going.

As a result I have been a bit of a human pin cushion today with a total of 6 puncture wounds.

I've also been given another course of dexamethasone steroids to take 40mg per day for the next four days ( 20 tablets a time ).

That's it now until Monday when I go in for a blood test.

I believe it is just general checks and blood tests for the next couple of weeks while my blood cell counts first drop then recover enough for me to go in to have the other half of my treatment.

The medical word of the day for this lowering of white cells is neutropenic


Andy H said…
I like the section from the GFR information sheet...

"Why are you having this test?

You have probably seen a specialist at the hospital recently and he/she has decided that this test
would be beneficial to you."


"Stop asking us awkward questions!"

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