A close shave

I last shaved my face and head on Tuesday ( before seeing my consultant). When I looked in the mirror today I could see a little bit of stubble on my face in a couple of areas and just a light ( mostly grey ) fuzz on a couple of places at the sides of my head.

After five days normally I'd have a fairly good stubble on my face. I could have got away with not shaving at all but I decided I would do all over shave. Shaving my head is a rather nice sensation as it happens.

It seems odd that I do still have have some hair growing but really, really slowly.

I visited my friend Andy today and it was nice to get out of the house to somewhere different. For the last month it's most been my flat, Mom and Dad's or the hospital with occasional flits to Tesco's in the dead of night (well 21:00 on a Saturday).

Tomorrow I'll chase my keyworker and see where we are with getting a new line fitted and getting on with the next round of chemo.


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