A Stitch in time..........

......saves being poked about by nurses.

After being logged on to work this morning I went to the clinic in the afternoon to have my dressing changed and the wound examined where my line used to be.

The nurse I saw said removing stitches was one of her favourite jobs (says a lot perhaps ;o) but I said I didn't think there was a stitch in there as I didn't recall one being done after the line was removed. (Though as I couldn't look down easily whilst it was being removed I couldn't say for sure).

The nurse said "well there should have been one". However on removing the dressing it just showed a nice clean dry scab and no sign of a stitch. She had a gentle feel and decided that there wasn't a stitch in there after all, which surprised her somewhat.

She put another dressing on but said the wound is pretty much healed so I can just take this one off whenever I want. To be on the safe side I'll leave this one on for a couple of days and then maybe switch to a clear tegaderm dressing that I have at home.

Aside from that I have no more bloods or cultures to be taken so it really is a question of waiting for the call from my keyworker to say they have a theatre booked for me to have a new line fitted.


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