Pimp my 'roids

I'm on my second day of steroids or 'roids as we druggies say. The dexamthasone tablets are powerful drugs and the lump by my ear has already reduced even more. Down from a the size of walnut to a pea on my last dose and now down from that to a lentil this time round.

As you can see from the information at cancer backup 'roids are not without their side effects and I have been having periods of mood elevation or a little 'high' which is actually quite pleasant.

However last night I struggled to drop off to sleep at 23:00 and didn't do so until close on midnight. That is very unusual for me as usually I am off in 10 or 15 minutes. I had a few things running through my mind but it wasn't racing like it sometimes does when I am stressing over something. I just didn't feel that I could drop off even though I did feel sleepy.

I then woke about 02:30 and felt like I could get up and start my day. I put the radio on and listened to BBC 7 from 03:00 to 04:30 then went down and had a glass of warm milk. I managed to drop off about 05:00 and woke about 07:00 and dozed until I got up at 07:45 ( to be greeted by a winter wonderland outside.)

Whether I'll feel tired during the day and how I'll sleep tonight I'm not sure, but I am only on the steroids for another 2 days after today so it shouldn't be too bad.


Jon said…
If you can get DAB or web-based radio, I can thoroughly recommend tuning into BBC Radio 6 - I've even been toying with getting a tuner separate for this very station. It's substantially better than the talking shop that Radio 1 has become during the day (though the R1 evening shows are still pretty good).
raetsel said…
Haven't listened to R6 much but might give it a try.

There is a digital station called "Life" that plays music with very few adds or talking.

Bit more pop and middle of the road than 6 but not bad for all day background

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