Line MOT

I went to the clinic this morning for bloods and also my central line got a full MOT. The bio-ends were changed and a new dressing was put on. Also as it is looking a little red and feeling a little sore the nurse took a swab to be developed in the lab to check if there are any bugs in it. Hopefully not.

I also got a consultant appointment for Tuesday 22nd April to discuss progress and my next admission to hospital. In theory this is week commencing 28th April.

Back to the clinic on Wednesday for more bloods. So far the doctor has said my counts are "not too bad". I'm sure that's a specific medPublish Postical term.


Andy H said…
I hope it wasn't the usual MOT experience of someone sucking their breath in through their teeth and that usual tut tut tut noise that only mechanics can do.

"Watcha wanna put one of those lines in for... nuffink but trouble those. Now if you'd come ta see me I could a sorted you out one that would 'ave done the job no worries."

But I'm sure you'll be given a clean bill of health, line wise.

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