Bugs on the line

Not leaves , bugs.

I went to the clinic this morning and they had the results of the blood cultures they took on Wednesday. The lab have confirmed I have a bug, some type of bacteria.

The doctor prescribed another antibiotic injection of teicoplanin and the nurse took more blood for cultures to see how things are progressing.

I'm feeling fine and don't have a temperature so they are not too concerned. I have to keep taking the course of flucloxacillin tablets and go to the ward I was on before on Saturday and Sunday to have another teicoplanin injection each day. ( The day unit where I normally go isn't open on weekends )

It's hard not to initially feel like I have not looked after my line and the wound site properly but I asked the nurse about the cause of the infection and she said when you are nutropenic ( low blood counts ) the normal flora that live on your skin can get in to your line or the wound site and it is almost impossible to stop it happening.

The good thing is it has all been spotted and is being taken care of.

Just for completeness I will try and find out the name of the specific bug they found.


Andy H said…
At least it's your own flora, not fauna that could have caused the infection!

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