Posted by raetsel at Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I called my keyworker today today to see where we are with getting a new line fitted.

Unfortunately she has had to go off site this afternoon and she doesn't work Wednesdays. The nurse I spoke to said she would check with the doctors she thought would be dealing with this and get back to me.

To her credit, 30 minutes later, I got the call back. The nurse said she had spoken to the doctors, they did not know anything about it but my keyworker might have organised it another way so it was best to wait until Thursday.

You would think they would have some kind of booking system they could look things up in.

I don't mind the delay if it is because the theatres or wards are busy, I'm more concerned that the process to get me booked hasn't actually started and this week has been wasted.

So I guess Thursday it is. Rather frustrating but not a great deal I can do at the moment.