The counts are in

I saw my consultant this morning and we went over the current situation and what happens next.

Unlike in Zimbabwe my counts have been completed and the results released.

My blood counts have now returned to normal but they did get pretty low. My overall white cell count went to 0.2 when the normal range is between 4 and 10. ( This is between 4 and 10 billion cells per litre of blood and I was down to 0.2 billion or 200 million [ this is an American Billion i.e. a 1000 million ] )

My neutrophil count actually went down to zero. These are the cells that deal with bacteria so that might explain why I got bacteria in my line.

Apart from the bugs in the line I've not had any problems while I have been neutropenic so this is re-assuring that the various precautions about food, hand washing avoiding crowds etc. have been effective.

The other good news is that NICE have approved my Rituximab therapy. This a drug that latches on to the cancerous mantle cells and triggers an immune response from my own body so it starts to destory them. According to this report it costs about £1200 a dose and I'll be having at least 2 doses. Money well spent though if you ask me :o)

The plan now is to get a new line fitted as soon as possible and start the next part of the chemotherapy cycle. This involves a week or so in hospital having two different drugs, methotrexate and cytarabine

I'll also get my rituximab done during that time.

Though we had to wait an hour and quarter past my appointment time I didn't really mind. Dad and I passed the time doing the word puzzles in the hospital newsletter.

Now it is a question of waiting for a call from my key worker about a theatre appointment to have my line fitted.


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