Losing momentum

I rang my keyworker today to see about when I will be having a new line fitted and my next round of Chemo. It's been almost week since I saw my consultant.

She said she would ring me back after 12:00 today as she was on her ward round. She hasn't rung back as of 17:15. I'll call her tomorrow after 12:00 so she won't be on rounds and I will see where the delay is.

I'm just a little concerned about starting to lose momentum here. Every week's delay is another week on the length of an already lengthy process.

If there are delays due to getting either a bed or a theatre booked I might look at having the Rituximab done on the day unit through a regular canula in the back of my hand. There was also the possibility of having a PICC line fitted instead of Hickman line. This is a line inserted via a vein in the arm. It's a bit more restrictive than a Hickman line but if there are going to be long delays then this is something I might consider having done.

I'll do a little gentle pushing tomorrow I think and see where it gets me. As my Dad says "Push will get you anywhere, except through a door marked 'Pull' "


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