Expensive sweeties

Whilst I'm out of hospital I have to keep taking the anti-fungal, anti-gout, anti-acid reflux tablets and the anti-bacterial mouthwash.

The hospital gave me seven days supply and sent details to my GP so I can get the rest on prescription.

So that is four items at £7.10 per item. A month's supply is normally what is issued to make it £28.40 a month. To reduce the cost of this I have applied for a three month pre-paid subscription from the NHS website ( you can also do it over the 'phone or fill in a form and post it).

The cost for 3 months is £27.85 so that is a "saving" of £57.35 over the three months.

The NHS, free at the point of delivery. Now in Wales prescriptions are free but then I probably would have to be travelling much further to get the excellent care I get from University Hospital Birmingham Queen Elizabeth so it is swings and roundabouts as they say.

I slept ok last night. Woke about 02:30 and didn't get off again until 03:15 but then slept through to 06:30. Logged on to work for another full day now.


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