Home sweet, home

Dad picked me up at about 14:00 yesterday and I spent the night at Mom and Dad's. It was great to get out in the fresh air but it did feel a bit strange walking up to the car park and feeling the breeze on my face, it's surprising how quickly you become habituated to things. Mind you I have stopped checking where the line to a non-existant drip stand is when I stand up now.

I slept much better overnight and that seems to have helped my tiredness today. My energy levels are still a fair bit less than 100% but I'm better than I was. I think I shall keep up the institution of an afternoon nap.

My stomach is feeling a little delicate and my mouth has a nasty taste in it but I've not got any real nausea at the moment.

Tomorrow I go to the clinic for a check , have some kidney function tests and another dose of Chemotherapy.

The expectation is that my blood counts should start to drop after the weekend and then it will be a case of monitoring them regularly. I may need blood transfusions for red cells or platelets if I start going anaemic or get bruises due to clotting problems.

Once my cell counts have recovered I can go back in for part B of this cycle of Chemo.


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