The hair is on the move

Posted by raetsel at Thursday, April 17, 2008

As they say in greyhound racing circles.

Well my plans to have a grade 2 cut and keep my hair loss under control for a couple of weeks didn't quite work out.

Firstly my moustache and beard started to fall out really badly so I shaved them off yesterday morning and then when I checked the back of my head the hair loss had accelerated and it was beginning to look a bit like badger's arse.

So last night I took the clippers and the razor to it and now have the full Kojak.

My eyebrows seem to be hanging on well so far.

I quite like it though I think I'll need to do a bit of shopping here


Gareth Hardy said...

I quite like the sexy Kojak look, you need a lollipop to complete the look.

raetsel said...

Who loves ya, baby! :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes but I can still recognise you

Jon said...

Argh, the light, the light! You could get a tea cosy to put on that.

Back in me ol' student days, I had a cut like that voluntarily. Old grannies would cross the road to avoid me :oD