Back in Harness

I slept much better last night and then went to the clinic to have my blood samples taken to test my cell count and also my blood sugar ( something that steroids can affect).

The blood sugar was fine and the cell count will be reviewed by the docs tomorrow when the results are back.

This will be the pattern from now on; at the clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to have blood tests and see what my count is doing. Anything urgent they'll call me but other than that no news is good news.

So I've moved back home to my flat after staying with Mom and Dad since I got out of hospital last Wednesday and this afternoon I logged on to work and did a few hours.

I was able to clear out my email, only 2600 messages waiting but most were automated alerts I could just delete

It felt good to be productive again and I was able to help resolve a problem on a server so I am feeling useful.

Tomorrow I will log on to work in the morning with the aim of doing a full day and see how things go.


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