Remaining Conscious

I had a bit of a disturbed night. I went to bed about 22:45 feeling sleepy but didn't get off to sleep until about 01:00 probably because I had napped too much during the day. Then I woke about 03:00 from a bad dream where someone was trying to break in to the house. ( It was the house I had when I lived in Bromsgrove ). Took me a while to work out what was going on and settle down but then I slept until 08:30

Today my energy levels have been better and I've been able to remain conscious the whole day which is actually something of an achievement. I didn't log on to work as I decided to still rest up but I did go through a few bits of post and paperwork that needed attending too that had accumulated whilst I was in hospital.

I also spent a bit of time researching information about stem cell transplants and in particular reduced intensity conditioning. I came across a very good and detailed guide to the process here produced by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There's a lot of information but it does explain it quite well.

Tomorrow morning is the usual Wednesday bloods and then hopefully if I feel as well as I did today I'll be able to do some work.


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