Message from Simon

Simon has asked me to make today's posting to keep everyone up to speed. He's doing fine, but is really tired so hasn't had the chance today to put finger to keyboard.

He had a CT scan of head and chest yesterday afternoon, and the results were back on the ward before he was. All the results were normal, which is another thing to tick off the list.

He heard this morning that they had found a 'slow growing' bug in his line, which could explain the unusual temperature spikes over the last few days. As he now has little need for it (apart from freaking out friends and neighbours by pretending to be Borg) they have taken it out this afternoon.

The upshot of these two pieces of news is that Simon should be home either Wednesday or Thursday, as long as everything else stays on track.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print and Simon will be back here shortly I'm sure.


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