T + 3 Slight Improvements (PG)

I've continued to build on the slight improvements from yesterday. I was able to have soup and a macaroni pudding for my dinner and had a fortified orange drink , a whole piece of toast and half a weetabix for breakfast this morning.

My stomach is still unsettled and the diarrhea has come back so a sample has been sent off to see if it is just the effect of the chemo or as a result of a bug , the doc is fairly confident it will be the chemo in which case I will be given some immodium to help clear it up.

I change rooms last night rather than today and I am now in room five which is bigger and has an electrically adjustable bed which is very handy.

My blood counts are slowly dropping including my platelets that help clot blood. I don't need any transfusions at the moment but the doc has advised me to stop wet shaving in case I cut myself so I'm going to be quite beardy by the time I get out I think.


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