T + 10 Warm Start

I slept a bit better last night compared to the previous night though was still restless between 02:00 and 03:00. First thing this morning I felt really quite rough, very tired and had a temperature of 37.8

By 09:30 I was feeling a bit better and my temperature had come down to 36.3, even so the doctor has started me on some powerful antibiotics to counteract any possible bacterial infections as well as taking blood cultures to test to find out what, if any, specific bug I have.

In the doctor's words "you have to have a few days like this otherwise you will have just sailed through your transplant and that's not allowed." I have to say from my side of the fence it hasn't been plain sailing at all but I guess it could have been a lot worse.

My white cell count yesterday was 0.1 up from the 0.0 it has been for the last few days. This might just be a measuring error in the machine at these very low levels or it could be my stem cells starting to make new blood cells for me. Hopefully today's bloods will show a more definite increase.


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