T + 5 Little Setback (PG)

Today I am T+5 and coming to the end of my second week in hospital. In one sense it's gone quite quickly in another sense, mainly at times like 2 in the morning last Wednesday with stomach cramps and a blood pressure headache, it hasn't gone quickly at all.

I had a slight setback yesterday afternoon. Keen to keep the fluid in take up I drank a bit too much water , two 150ml cups, a bit too quickly, just under 30 mins, and as a result I was sick and had bad nausea for a while. It was only the water that came back so I didn't lose any calories as it were but it did put me off my dinner completely.

It was good to have both Andy and Gareth visit in the evening to take my mind off things.

I watched the second Lord of the Rings film last night on Channel 4 and though the 14" screen and dodgy picture weren't ideal viewing conditions it still kept me gripped for the night.

I slept well and part of my dream was about eating a ham sandwich. I wish I could actually manage a ham sandwich in real life but I've had to take it easy with the food today as usual, not having the stomach for much. Still I ate most of my porridge for breakfast along with half a piece of toast and for lunch I managed soup and fortified custard ( not in the same bowl I should add ).

I've also found that shortbread petticoat tails go down rather well even when I'm feeling nauseous and have had two of those from a box that a family friend sent to me to wish me well.


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