To sleep, perchance to dream.....

Yesterday was largely a repeat of Thursday ( apart from no massage ). I had the Campath and Fludarabine without incident and I had trouble getting off to sleep again. However last night wasn't too bad. I was asleep by about 01:00 and though I woke to go to the loo at 04:30 I got back off to sleep quickly and slept until 06:30 which is much more reasonable. It's lucky the 06:00 observations for blood pressure were running late, or maybe they give you a lie in on a weekend.

I even had a dream that I could remember as well. It was about going to play badminton but every time I went to go on the court something would happen that meant I had to go out to the car park to do something with my van. It culminated in a large roof box filled with stones falling off the van and sliding down a hill into an ornamental pond in the grounds of the house of the person who had invited me round for badminton. Weird , huh? Interpretations on a postcard please.

This morning I am still tired but it feels a more natural tired and my head is much clearer. One slight downer is the conjunctivitis is back in my left eye this morning so I am back on the chloramphenicol drops to clear it up. The doctor didn't seem concerned and the nurse said they usually have a stock of those drops on the ward so I guess it is quite common to get conjunctivitis.

This morning I was a little rebel and escaped from my cell to go down to the hospital shop to get a newspaper. I also went outside for a bit of fresh air. My aim was to get to the little garden I can see from my room but I couldn't work out how to get there so I just walked up the main drive a little way. ( Geography is not my strong point).

This little excursion was approved and in fact encouraged by the nurses and it was very nice to get out.

This afternoon Gareth is visiting and this evening it's my good friend Andy so Mom and Dad can have a day off.

It's my last day of Campath ( and associated piriton and hydro cortisone ) today.


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