Old Pink Eyes is Back

My last dose of Campath passed off uneventfully last night as did my penultimate fludarabine. I had visits from Gareth and Andy as advertised and it was great chatting to them both. The day passed pretty quickly. I managed a bit of a snooze late afternoon and then spent most of the evening watching Lord of the Rings on the TV in the Day Room as reception for Channel 4 in my room is not very good.

I slept better last night getting off about 00:30 until 05:00 and then again from about 06:00 to 07:00 .

As expected the conjunctivitis has spread to my right eye so I am putting drops in both eyes now. The left one is already a little bit clearer. They are a bit itchy but not as bad as they look.

Only fludarabine today and that's given over 30 minutes so with a saline flush to follow I'll only be hooked up to Ivy for an hour this evening.

Tomorrow is a new chemo drug , Melphalan, and the start of my anti-rejection drug Ciclosporin.


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