T + 4 Spelling Bee (PG)

Today I am T + 4 and feeling about the same as yesterday , maybe a little more tired though I slept well last night.

My stool sample from Friday came back negative yesterday for any bugs so my diarrhoea is just caused by the chemo and I don't need any antibiotics. Instead I've been given to immodium ( lo-peramide ) to help dry up my runny bottom and that has worked well.

I've also found a handy mnemonic to remember how to spell diarrhoea which is:-

Dash In A Real Rush, Hurry Or Else Accident

Let's hope I don't have to spell the word too many more times in coming days.

I saw the doctor this morning and she said my counts are now down to virtually zero which is pretty much on track now it's a question of them coming back up again. She also said she could see the start of the break down of the lining of my mouth so I may have a sore mouth to deal with over the next few days. No problems with it so far though.


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