Complementary Massage

I had my third dose of Campatch and second dose of Fludarabine yesterday and they both went off without incident. My temperature and blood pressure remained normal as well so I'm obviously getting more used to the medication.

In the morning I had a visit from the professor of haematology and his entourage of doctors and nurses. It was just a quick check to see how I was doing and to say everything was on track. He is a very down to earth person and we spent most of the time chatting about 3g Broadband, Jabber and Twitter ( much to the bemusement of the other staff I think ).

I also had a visit from the resident physio and massage therapist and had a very relaxing shoulder and neck message. The post is funded by a charity founded in memory of a girl that was treated by the professor when he worked down in the Royal Free in London and funds one post there as well. I'll try and get the name of the charity as I can't remember the spelling of it at the moment and can't track it down on the Internet.

The massages are available from Mon to Thu for all haematology in patients and are an excellent way to break up the monotony of the day as well as providing physical benefit for very sedentary patients.

As Gareth pointed out, what with an en suite room, full room service 24 hours a day and now massages this could be a very nice little holiday. Shame about the whole cancer and chemotherapy thing though. :o)

I had trouble sleeping again last night and feel a bit tired today. I tried to nap during the day yesterday without much success but maybe today I'll do better. I think the piriton injections I have been having to reduce the effects of the Campath have been making me feel drowsy but not enough to make me nap and have ended up messing with my sleep patterns. Still tomorrow is the last day for Campath and therefore for piriton as well so maybe things will settle down after that.


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