Deja View (sic) [and sick]

Well I've had a reasonable weekend. Nice and relaxing but my cold was still hanging around.

I went to the day unit for my usual bloods yesterday and as that is the last one for a while as I go up to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, I dropped of some chocolates from Hotel Chocolat for both the day unit and the ward East 3a. They were very well received.

I thought my eyes were clearing well and my course of drops finished on Sunday. I had a bit of gunk in my one eye yesterday but not much. This morning however the gunk was worse and my eye was going pink again ( pink-eye is another common name for conjunctivitis, in the USA mostly I think ).

I went to my GP to get some more drops and also got him to look at my throat as that is the worst symptom of my cold. He gave a prescription for the chloramphenical drops and some penicillin for my throat. He also suggested I get as much rest as possible between now and the transplant and drink plenty of hot fluids.

Therefore, to that end, I've told work that today will be my last day (working from home or otherwise ) until after my transplant ( probably after Christmas for logging on from home ). I'll be resting up and dosing up on all available cold and flu products as from this evening.

In more positive news, whilst at the day unit yesterday I bumped into a young guy who had his donor stem cell transplant on 14th July this year (his brother was a match in his case ). It was good to see him again and get the low down on the process. He said it wasn't as bad as he was expecting and he'd had the total body irradiation too so that is quite encouraging.

He did have bad mouth ulcers and that put him off his food. He was given food through his line but that was because they like to keep people at at least 70% of the minimum normal weight range. ( I think I will just scrape by this minimum :o))))

It was good to see someone who has so recently had a transplant similar to mine and hear how they coped.

Now where's that lemsip.............


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