Bright Eyes......... (PG)

.......and no longer "burning like fire". The chloramphenicol drops have cleared up my conjunctivitis again and I'm just finishing off the course of drops today. I've stayed off the computer pretty much over the last three days to help my dry eye syndrome as well. That has been quite bad in my right despite using the artificial tears regularly.

The problem is, as it always has been, at night. As soon as I move my right eye under the lid in the morning, never mind actually open it, I get a sharp pain in it like someone has poked me in the eye. What has actually happened is that the surface of my eye is dry and the base epithelial layer of the cornea breaks down and gets ripped off by my lid. Yes it is as painful as it sounds.

The pain subsides after an hour or so and generally it is ok for the rest of the day. What's worse than the early morning wake up poke in the eye is if I wake in the middle of the night for some reason. It takes me a while to get back off to sleep because of the pain. I've now taken to having some of the artificial tears eye drops by the bedside for when I wake in the night. It's a bit tricky putting eye drops in on your back in the dark but so far they have mostly gone in my eyes and not up my nose or in my ears. However the dry eye situation is easing albeit slowly and won't have any impact on my treatment anyway as it's not any thing bacterial or infection related.

The sore throat has been cleared very effectively by the penicillin and again I'm just finishing off the course. All in all I am looking in reasonable shape for the admission on Monday.


george tk said…
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