T - 1 Preparations

Yesterday was a light day drug wise with just the one dose of fludarabine in the evening and I slept much better last night as well as managing a couple of naps during the day. Being off the piriton was the key I think.

Today things are gearing up for the transplant tomorrow. At 06:00 I was put on 240mg of the anti-rejection drug, ciclosporin and this will run for six hours and then I'll have another bag put on for the next six and so on to run for the full 24 hours. ( So I guess I'll get a bag change at midnight as well so sleep will be a bit disrupted ).

I felt a bit nauseous this morning which might be an effect of the ciclosporin, I took it easy with breakfast having just dry wholemeal toast and cornflakes with just a bit of milk and things have settled down. This might also be due to the fact that I had an additional tablet this morning, the anti-sickness drug ondansetron which I've had before and has been very effective.

Around lunchtime today I'll have my final chemotherapy drug Melphalan, I get the impression this is quite a strong drug as I've been told to make sure I've drunk at least a litre of water before lunch and I'll be given an injection of the diuretic fruzamide to get it all flushed out of my system as quickly as possible. I've had fruzamide before when I've ended up retaining fluid with my other chemo treatments. I usually end up peeing every 15 minutes for about two or three hours but the nurse said this will be a smaller dose than I've had before.

I'm a little anxious about the two new drugs and what side effects I get with them, but of course side effects are not compulsory and the staff here have all the necessary tools to help combat them.


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