Well enough to go back into Hospital

Not as paradoxical as it sounds.

I saw my consultant today and she confirmed that my blood counts are all back up to normal or near normal levels. In fact my white cell count has had a "bounce" and over shot the normal levels.

As I don't have any infection or temperature the high level is just caused by over production from the GCSF injections. ( This brings to mind images of groups of teenage granulocytes congregating on artery corners , bored and looking for trouble).

As my counts are ok I am now ready for my next round of chemo ( which is a repeat of the first round, the HyperCVAD bit). So I have to ring the ward tomorrow to see if there is a bed free.

This is a bit quicker than I was expecting but that's fine. The sooner I start the sooner I finish and there has been a bit of a delay between rounds two and three. ( Well technically rounds 1B and 2A ).

The consultant had quite a detailed conversation with me about the treatment protocol for my donor stem cell transplant after my final round of chemo. It's all rather technical and will be the subject of a separate post once I've worked out the best way to explain it.


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