Nausea non ad nauseam (U)

I'm pleased to say I've not had any more nausea attacks. I'm on
regular oral ondansatron and that is keeping it under control. After a
light breakfast I was able to eat normally yesterday.

It was a busy night with bags changing for fluids and cytarabine as
well as 3 hourly injections of follinic acid ( or is that fenolic?
I'll have to look that up ) (It's folinic acid, one 'l'. there's a good description of how it is used here:

My fluid levels are up and I was carrying 4 litres yesterday some oral
fruzamide diuretic got that down to 2 but I've noticed I get
breathless when I exert myself. So the doctors are prescribing IV
fruzamide. I had that last time and it is a real kidney cruncher so
I'll be weeing to olympic standard for today but it does the job.

My energy levels are low today and my blood pressure is a bit low too.
I think this is just the chemo taking it out of me. I'm just taking
it very easy and will be napping when I'm not weeing.

Overall though I'm still pretty chipper. My last bag of cytarabine
finished this morning so no more chemo now just fluids and folinic
acid until my methotraxate levels come down.


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