The Drugs Don't Work

Just like the Verve said.

Unfortunately after my post yesterday the bone pain didn't really abate much despite the paracetamol and it was not a pleasant few hours yesterday evening. However by 22:00 the pain had subsided a bit and I could take a couple more paracetamol. This kept me going until I woke about 05:40 feeling the pain again. More pills and I was able to have a decent lie in.

A fresh injection in the morning but during the day it's been ok just a dull ache mostly kept at bay by the pills. It must be something about when my stem cells are most active or when the effects of the injections kick in but after about 16:00 the pain comes back with a vengence and paracetamol don't seem to touch it.

When I go to the day unit in the morning I'll ask for something stronger. They did offer me some codeine last time I had some bone pain but at the time paracetamol was doing the job. This time I'll take them up on their offer.


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