Sorry Little Soldier

Well I didn't have quite as good a night as I'd hoped. I struggled to get off to sleep a bit, probably because I had napped a bit too much during the day ( not that I had a lot of choice in the matter when my eyelids just closed of their own accord). Then I was up three times for a wee in the early hours as the last of the fluids worked their way out of my system.

My left arm has had a reaction to the plaster they put on it after the aborted PICC line attempt and is rather sore, particularly within the crook of the elbow which means the skin keeps cracking with the movement of my arm.

Overnight I had a problem in my right arm where the PICC line is and the area above it was hard, painful and a bit swollen.

Add to this still feeling fatigued and a bit constipated/bloated and I was feeling very sorry for myself first thing. It was the fact it was multiple things to deal with I think that made it worse.

However divide and conquer is the maxim. Some paracetamol helped with the pain in both arms and a high fibre muesli and bran flake breakfast sorted out digestion.

I was due to go to the day unit today to have my bloods taken so they would be able to look at the PICC line, which I was pretty sure they would end up taking out.

Normally I go to the day unit for bloods on my own but I got my Dad to take me this time as I was still feeling fatigued.

The doctor took one look at my arm and the PICC line and said it would have to go ( the line that is, not the arm). It might just be a small clot caused by not having anything through the line for a day or it could be the start of an infection. ( Though my temperature was fine ).

They used the line to flush some Teicoplanin antibiotics into me before taking it out. They then took some bloods from my left arm the old fashioned way by stabbing me. As well as doing my blood counts they will also do cultures to see if I have grown another bug. ( Hopefully not this time ). I'm now on another seven days of Flucloxacillin antibiotic tablets as a precaution.

Having dealt with all these things I'm not feeling so bad now. My energy levels are still low and I'm still taking paracetamol for the pain but things are easing and I can cope with them.

Just a brief note about my rating system. I'll still give you a heads up when there are any gory details coming with PG etc but aside from that you can take it as read that posts will be "U" rated.


Lynn said…
Glad to see you're home and battling through the war.

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