That was the Week that was

When I went to the day unit yesterday I explained about the bone pain and the doctor looked at my counts and decided I could stop taking the injections ( I had 2 days left) as my counts were coming up ok and will cope on their own. I'd taken one that morning so still had the nasty evening bout of bone pain that seemed to be the routine but hopefully from now on I'll start to feel it less and less.

It has been quite a tough week. Probably the hardest for me to deal with since I started treatment back in March. It's been a combination of things again, headaches, tiredness, infection and worst of all the bone pain from the injections.

Still I've coped so far and this morning I am feeling a little more like my old self. To follow on from the words of the title song for TW3 "That was the week that was, it's over let it go."


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